Career in Finance

A career in finance - essentially perceived as a back office record keeping job, has become much more challenging and interesting these days with the liberalisation of the Indian economy.

Today, it is seen as a career that provides a greater role in decision making, planning and controlling operations in any organisation.Acquiring an appropriate professional qualification is the first positive step towards a successful career. A bachelor's degree in commerce or economics is a good starting point.

The big three Indian professional bodies offering finance-related certification - chartered accountancy (CA), management accountancy (ICWA) or company secretary (CS) allow students to pursue their courses after finishing school by enrolling for the foundation stage without having to wait for completing a bachelor's degree.

These courses take approximately three years and are a good blend of theoretical education and practical training, designed to equip students with the relevant level of knowledge and skills for the profession.

Though the chartered accountancy course has enjoyed wide popularity with those keen on traditional finance, accounting and tax career, ICWA and CS programmes have gained popularity over the last few years.

An MBA in finance or a master's programme in finance and control are some other options to consider. In order to widen knowledge and diversify skills, most students opt for two professional courses, a good combination to provide flexibility with career options. All institutes do provide the benefits like paper wise exemptions based on each other's qualifications.

Institutes for Finance in India:

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