Cellphone use can be contagious: Research
Using a cellphone is contagious, according to a new study which found that a person is twice as likely to talk on a mobile, or check for messages, if a companion did the same. Females are more likely to use their cellphones than men because it was more 'integrated into the daily lives of women' , researchers said.

"What we found most interesting was just how often people were using their mobile phones. Every person we observed used his/her phone at least once while one woman was on hers about half of the time," said Daniel Kruger, the study's co-author from the University of Michigan.

"Individuals may see others checking their incoming messages and be prompted to check their own," Kruger said. In the study, almost two dozen students in two groups, were observed "unobtrusively" , who were seen socializing near an unnamed university campus, The Daily Telegraph reported. Researchers recorded every moment a person used their mobile phone around campus between January and April last year.

Kruger said the study found when one of the group used their mobile phone, their companions were more likely to follow shortly after.