Interested in Working With the United Nations? Here are the 8 Ways to Enter Into UN Jobs 
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Many of you must have been fascinated towards government jobs and have been encouraged by the parents as well to get one. But on the other hand, many people are inclined towards a career abroad, working in different countries. Well for the people who wish for both, can check out jobs in the United Nations. 

Yes, many of you must have heard on United nation or UN in the news, people talking how the UN helped in funding, the UN sends volunteers to help the people stuck in danger etc. 

But are you aware of how to get into the United Nations, what are the ways, process and how does the system work?

So here the 8 ways stated by Martin Nesirky- Director, The United Nations Information Service (UNIS) Vienna.

There are 8 variants of getting into the UN system (8 categories):

- Regular Staff
- Temporary staff
- Young Professionals Program
- Language Competitive Examination
- UN Volunteers
- Interns
- Associate Experts
- Consultants

Regular Staff

There are different categories of staff in the United Nations workforce. Within each category there are different levels, which reflect increasing levels of responsibilities and requirements. 

These are the different categories of staff at the United Nations:

- Professional and higher categories (P and D)
- General Service and related categories (G, TC, S, PIA, LT)
- National Professional Officers (NO)
- Field Service (FS)
- Senior Appointments (SG, DSG, USG and ASG)

You can progress in a category through merit and qualifications at the United Nations. There are, however, restrictions on movement between the different categories.

Temporary staff
There are some people who are still making decisions about their career, a temporary position at the United Nations might be just what they need.
To meet seasonal or peak workloads and specific short-term requirement, temporary appointments are used to fill positions for a period of less than one year. However, it may be extended beyond one year only when there are surge requirements, operational needs related to field operations and where circumstances have allowed for special projects with finite mandates. 

Young Professionals Program

The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is a recruitment initiative for talented, highly qualified professionals to start a career as an international civil servant with the United Nations Secretariat.
It consists of an entrance examination and professional development programmes once successful candidates start their career with the UN.

Language Competitive Examination

To recruit language professionals (editors, interpreters, translators, verbatim reporters and copy preparers/proofreaders/production editors) to fill posts in its language services, the United Nations organizes competitive examinations. These are referred to as language competitive examinations or LCEs.

The application process for this exam begins several months before the examination date, and the application period is only a few weeks.


This is the most common way to get into the United Nations. 
There are two programs for volunteers in the UN: UN Volunteers (from 25 years) and UN Youth Volunteers (from 18 to 29 years). For the first, you need to have a diploma, 2 years of experience and speak English, French or Spanish. For the youth program, the requirements depend on specific vacancies, but, as a rule, experience and diploma are not required.


If anyone has the financial means it's a great way to make extremely useful acquaintances and get to know the work of the UN from the inside. It is an opportunity to try putting hands in any field of activity in UN offices. But the program is not paid and employment right after the internship is prohibited by the rules of the organization.

Associate Experts

This is a program for those who hold a master's degree or have above 2 years of work experience and knowledge of English or French. This program is sponsored by the UN member countries.

The Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme (formerly known as Associate Experts Programme) is a right option for you if you are a skilled graduate with energy, enthusiasm and an eagerness to join the United Nations.


Frequently experts under individual contracts to work on short-term projects either as a consultant or an individual contractor are engaged by the United Nations.
A consultant is a recognized authority or specialist in a specific field, engaged by the Organization in an advisory or consultative capacity.