How to deliver Every Day?
If any organisation, has to forge ahead, it cannot afford, to have only a small microscopic majority showing initiative. Everybody which includes people, from the highest decision makers to the lowest workers has to recognise tough issues.

After this they need to work out, as to how they can contribute for attaining their goals, and plan time for them. They also need to keep on working in improving their competencies and skills.

The secret of success and goal of everybody should be to improve productivity, i better communication skills and to evaluate whether they are focusing on the right priorities.

Working hard is useless if you are focusing on the wrong priorities, or on the priorities, which are, at the best low level. In the first instance, no time should have been spent on them.

If we are to progress, we have to change with the changing times, changing technologies, and keep on increasing our capabilities. We need to keep on developing ourselves all the times, as long as we live. What technology was excellent yesterday, may not be, good enough for today.

 Look at our country. From 2 G we have moved to 4 G in years, making communications faster and faster. We must recognise, that unless, we align our goals, with our priorities, we will only be meandering about. Our visions, values, purpose, must shore up our purpose and objectives in life. To assess as to how much we have progressed, we must have quantifiable and calculable objectives. This is the only way, to have the desired outcomes.

I have observed that if I do everything, myself, in even sending simple communications and letters to others, I will have no time in doing the quality work. Replying a letter involves, taking print out, preparing the envelopes and posting the same. I have delegated all routine work to my Secretary. The time thus saved is spent by me on serious writing or doing other, equally important tasks, which give greater return on my time.

The important thing is not to do everything yourself, but to have your tasks accomplished. Either by delegation or on payment basis . In this fast age, people want instant results and are impatient. They do not want to wait, for even a few second, forget about minutes So constant skills development is an on going task to meet the challenge of the times and for realising our ambitions.

Let us be clear about one thing that whatever we do, we are bound to meet people, who would not only be negative, but would be happy to pull us down. We have to be ready and quick witted to deal with them. We need to plan, deliberate and indentify as to how you can convert a negative experience into a positive one. Make it a habit to evaluate each person, you come across everyday of your life, to determine, whether he is a positive or a negative influence in your life and whether he will help you or proves a drag in the journey to your mission.

Determine at least one thing, which has helped you in moving forward and how you can maximize and repeat its impact. It is for each one of us, to find some good in everything. While crossing the road, to attend a wedding in a Gurudwara, the wheel of a car crossed over my one foot. The saving grace, was that due to the rush, the car was moving at a slow speed.

It taught me a lesson, that instead of crossing the road at all places, I must find a proper road crossing and if none is there, as it happens quite frequently in Delhi, I must look left right and centre, so that I am not run over by a vehicle.

Identify at least one positive thing about your day. It may be something small or something big – as long as you deem it as something positive. It counts. If you have more than one thing to share, then it is still better.

At all cost avoid negative influences, people and situations. If a negative thought enters your mind, make sure to replace it with positive thoughts. Always try to find something positive in every situation. No situation is without some pros and cons.

Keep a smile on your face, as the very act of smiling is an antidote to negativity. Even negativity, can be used positively, as it tells us that something needs to be altered or modified. Unfortunately, most often we fail to recognise this fact and continue suffering from the victimized and feeling helpless. Instead of focusing on such negative feelings, we should do something to reverse them, by thinking of positive emotions. Do nor allow the trash to enter your life, which come in various shapes, forms, situations and even some people.

Best thing is, if possible, to cease all associations with the people or emotions, which pull you down. Obviously, you cannot get rid of your family, members of colleagues, or bosses, who may be the source of negativity. But the least, you can do is to reduce the contact with them, to the minimum possible level. Apart from that, it is upto each one of us to adopt any other strategy, we may consider unsurpassed.

Also try to help others, as helping a needy persons, can make you feel good. Under all circumstances, be positive, exciting and inspirational throughout the day. Bear in mind that feeling helpless or sorry neither reduces nor eliminates sorrows. It only robs us of our strength today.