Ambition should be SMART!
If we are not focused on our motto then we will not be able to get success.Concentrating on goal is a difficult task,but it is an art which can be learned.You can only reach to the goal when you know it.This is also essential for you to ascertain your goal.

The target should be bull's eye not here and there.In ancient time this formula of hitting the target was very famous.Don't see the birds sitting on tree,leaves or anything else see the bird's eye as disciple used to do in the ancient time.Your focus should be bird's eye.Don't arrow the aim of life here and there.

When someone asks you about the aim of your life, the obvious answer that you give is i want to become this,i want to become that...i want to get success.The meaning of giving these answers is your target is not crystal clear in your mind.The aim or target of life should be fascinating and SMART.

The SMART word should be like this.

Your target should be specific,for example if you are saying that you want to reduce the weight that is very common.But when you say that you will do this within 10 days then this is your target.To achieve your target you will have to work in routined way.

The meaning of this is to you can measure your improvement on daily basis.This will also help you to point out your mistakes and will start removing that.

The ambition may be tough but not impossible.So you must target your goal according to your capabilities.Unless you will feel that target is impossible and will start thinking negatively.

The target or ambition of your life should be realistic that can be achieved.

T-time bound
When you fix your target,you must keep in your mind the time boundation so that you will achieve your target within the certain time period.