JNU entrance exams unlikely to be advanced to December from next year
Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has put on hold a proposal to shift its entrance examinations schedule from May-June to December from next year, to further study its feasibility.

In April, a proposal to hold all future entrance exams in December was put forward at a meeting of the Academic Council (AC), which was thereafter approved in a Standing Committee meeting in June.

"Though the AC has given its go ahead, I feel the issue needs more discussion and we need to take the feasibility factor into account including timing of major exams of other universities, travel difficulties from other parts of the country due to weather and much more," JNU Vice Chancellor S K Sopory told PTI.

The initial proposal was mooted keeping in mind the logistical issues. The AC members had argued that by the time JNU's admission process begins, all other university admissions close and JNU doesn't come as an option at the right time.

According to the proposal, if the decision is passed in the Executive Council, JNU will hold two rounds of entrances in 2016 first in May-June for the batch of 2016 and then in December for the batch of 2017.

However, now the process will be deferred.

"There are certain other issues too that need to be sorted out and we need to study more practical aspects. Hence, the proposal is in the discussion stage only and I don''t see it being implemented by next year," Sopory said.

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The proposal had invited flak from the previous Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union (JNUSU), whose office-bearers had called the process to be "undemocratic" claiming that no consultation was done on the issue with the student representatives.