World Food Day 2019: Try Out These 3 Cool Jobs in Food Industry
World Food Day - PC : Self
Food is not only something to eat but it has become a religion, a festival, a living, an art, and a profession. 

All over the world, people are celebrating World Food Day today i.e. October 16, 2019.

The day is dedicated to tackling global hunger. 
One of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar, it marks the creation of FAO in 1945, as part of which events are organised in over 150 countries across the world.
On this particular day, the events raise awareness and action on hunger to ensure food security and a nutritious diet for all. As per FAO, over 820 million people suffer from chronic undernourishment with 60 percent women, and five million children under five years of age dying of malnutrition-related causes each day.

Food as a Profession

We might have heard about experiments and fusion only in science, but changing the trend food has taken a lot many directions experimenting and joining extraordinary tastes to creat fusions. 

Food has become an industry from running down the history of traditional Chapaties at home to the much-loved tacos of this era. 
Making its way from home to restaurant food has given us many professions. 

So here are three coolest professions in the Food Industry


Food law is a new, and rapidly growing, area of law that includes a wide range of activities.  From factory farming to GMOs, there are legal battles being fought by lawyers on both sides. Food lawyers study, use, and create rules to improve the food network. The client can be a chef, the city or federal government, a nonprofit organization, or a farmer.


When it comes to cooking food, the chef knows the best, how to make it tasty, but it becomes quite a task to make it look pretty. 
Food stylists, however, tend not to be concerned with taste and generally focus on giving it a delightful look for commercial and editorial purposes, consulting with restaurants, grocery stores, and publishers during photo shoots and making sure that the food looks as good.


Playing with ideas and perfectly placing it altogether a restaurant designer has a lot to take into account from architectural planning to interior design to lighting style to fabric selection.