Pariksha Pe Charcha: All You Need to Know About The Event
Pariksha Pe Charcha - PC : ANI
Talkatora Indoor Stadium witnessed the third edition of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's programme ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’. A total of 3 lakh students attended the programme across the country. 

Around 2,000 students and teachers were gathered at the event. Out of which 1,050 students were selected through an essay competition.

The theme for the third edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ centers around the idea that the exams should be celebrated as a festival. 'Pariksha Parv' should not be feared but celebrated. 

PM Narendra Modi commenced his speech by stating, 'Namaste, once again your friend is among you'.

“As soon as 2020 began, a new decade began. This decade is very important for both the country and you”, PM Modi added to his speech while addressing the students.

Here are the Main Highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's event ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’:

-  While addressing the programme, PM Narendra Modi, mentioned #WithoutFilter. “I also do the work of parents. But I do it in a different manner. By being a helper, friend, companion. The conversation will begin with the hashtag without filter (#WithoutFilter). Interact with me in a friendly manner.” PM Narendra Modi said.

- PM Modi said, “I attend many events and meet different kinds of personalities. Every event is important in a different way. But “Pariksha Pe Charcha" is closest to my heart.

- Students attending the programme across the country were enthusiastic and raised many questions on different topics related to career, studies, preparation tips and anxiety controlling tips.

- PM Modi sets an example of the launch of Chandrayaan 2 as the key to motivation. He further added, "Every failure is a step towards success."

- Answering a student’s query on the marks obtained in the examination as the only criteria of success in life, PM Narendra Modi said, "Exam is not life, it's just a part of life. Marks in exams do not assure success in life.” PM Narendra Modi said as the world is full of opportunities, parents should not pressurise students to secure good marks in exams and entrances.

- Talking about maintaining the balance between studies and extra-curricular activities, PM Modi said, “Education is the way to enter a new and a very big world. Our whole education gives us a world full of opportunities. If we do not participate in any other activity, we will become a robot. Therefore, the balance of time is necessary between studies and extra-curricular activities.

- Answering a query on how to overcome the fear of technology, PM Modi said, “Save yourself from getting exploited by technology. Rule the technology, Do not let technology rule you.”

- PM Narendra Modi advised students about the best time to study is morning. Our mind may not be able to focus on studies at night after going through many fatigue and events of a day. Although every student has his own speciality. So use that time to study, in which you feel comfortable.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged students to read his book 'Exam Warriors' to get more tips to attain success in board exams 2020. PM Modi said, “Stress is not due to exams but related to the expectations of becoming something. Failing one or two exams should not end the dream. Connect your dreams not with the goal of becoming something, but with the goal of doing something.”