Hindi Diwas 2019: These 5 Facts will make you Proud of Hindi Language  
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India, known for its university and culture, has several different languages being spoken by 125 crores plus population. But Hindi language binds Indians with emotional cords. 

The language ignites a feeling of concern and belongingness. If we turn the pages of history then we will find that Hindi got the status as the national language on September 14, 1949.

It was the year when the Indian Constitution was got its written form. All the members were present in the committee with mutual consideration and took the decision to make Hindi as India’s national language.

Let us trace the unknown facts about the Hindi language. 

India is also known as a multilingual country with major 22 languages and over 720 dialects. However, the question arises about what language we speak and the answer is always Hindi. 

Hind is a language which binds us with emotional cords. Spoken as the first language nearly by 425 million people and second language by around 120 million people  

Gender aspects are strict - Gender aspects are strict in Hindi. Unlike English, it has gender for all nouns. Even adjectives and verbs change according to gender.

Many English words are derived from Hindi- Chutney, loot, bungalow, guru, jungle, karma, yoga, thug, avatar and many more words are derived by Hindi.

First state to declare Hindi as its official language - In 1881, Hindi was first declared as the official language in Bihar. Prior to that, the official language was Urdu. 

Most spoken language- Hindi is one of the most spoken languages of the world. The language is spoken by 500 million people.

First published book in Hindi- In 1805, a book by Lallu Lal, Prem Sagar is said to be the first book published in Hindi. 

Easy to learn- Unlike English, Hindi is easy to learn. It is phonetic and written the way it is spoken.

Web Friendly- Hindi is one of the seven languages in which web addresses can be made.

No articles- Hindi is free of articles such as ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’.

Anything can be written in Hindi - every possible sound can be written in the Hindi language in the world.