Need to promote quality science: CNR Rao
There is need to promote quality science to produce good scientists in the country, eminent scientist and Bharat Ratna professor said on Sunday.

"If India has to produce good scientists, quality science has to be promoted," Rao, who is chairman of Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, said.

He was delivering a lecture on 'Doing Science in India' at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) here.

"To promote science in India, young and talented people have to be encouraged by good teachers because science is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Real science is done in small labs by crazy individuals," he said.

The money invested from the GDP also needs to be increased like in South Korea and China, he stressed.

Rao said a scientist has to be motivated by the values of humanity, generosity and tradition as these feed the quality of his work.

He further said that to persist with science, a scientist cannot afford to be angry particularly in India and has to face his critics with a sense of humour.

"A scientist has to be mad about his work and deal with a judgmental society. Personal satisfaction and enjoyment help achieve the goal," he said.

"We have a large number of bright and sharp students in institutions like the PGI and IITs but they need to work for science in India selflessly," he said.

He also spoke about how some famous scientists of the past such as Michael Faraday worked with minimal facilities and grants. "It is amazing how they could have done those things in those years," he said.

Stating that media could play a huge role in promoting science in the country, Rao said media should highlight events and news related to science which is not being adequately done at present.